Content Distribution: How to Use Hosted Blog Platforms LinkedIn and Tumblr

Do you like to write SEO articles? Where do you post your articles anyway? Perhaps, you post your article on your website. This is a good thing for you. But, you need to know that you can also use a hosted blog platforms for SEO and content distribution. There are some hosted blog platforms that you can use to share your article and content such as Linkedin and Tumblr. You probably never try those hosted blog platforms. Therefore, let us tell you how to use them.

By using those two platforms, you can expand your business because you can use them as a point of sale. How do you optimize the use of those platforms for SEO and content distribution? Here are some tips for SEO and content distribution as business promotion.

How to Use Hosted Blog Platforms for SEO & Content Distribution?

#1 Create a Personal Account

As we know, Linkedin and Tumblr are social media networks that we use to put all the data about us and our work experience. In business, these platforms serve as a place to introduce your business to the public. One important thing when using Linkedin and Tumblr for any business is to create a personal account either yourself or your company. It will look more professional. You will be more concentrated in promoting your SEO content or your business.

#2 Make Introductions

What is the point when you a Linkedin and Tumblr account if you do not use it to make new friends or new customers? You can invite people you meet on these hosted blog platforms. You can also find a new friend of a friend who owned your customers. Relationships are formed from good communication between you and your prospect. But remember, when you make friends with them, politeness would give the best impression to potential customers and your prospective friends. If you really want to know more, you can call them via the contact information which is listed.

#3 Update as Often as possible

When there are some updates on our friend’s Linkedin account, we will certainly receive email notifications of the update, isn’t it? Surely, this is what you can make some opportunities to promote your SEO content and your business. Your friends must know what you are currently updating or making. They should know the latest update of the business. Therefore, please do not hesitate to do more updates on your Linkedin or Tumblr account. This will give a professional impression on the inside of your prospective customers. But remember, do not let it interfere with you and your business. Do it wisely and remain ethical.

#4 Ask for Recommendation

One of the features that exists in Linkedin is to ask for recommendations from friends. As well as branding in the media, in general, we would ask for recommendations from people who are closest to us at first. The aim is that we are easily recognized by people who have known us before. Your Friend or colleague certainly have many different relationships. Ask for recommendations from them. However, you must make sure that the demand of these recommendations will not be a backfire for you and make you lose your customers.

In summary, those are some tips on how to use hosted blog platforms like Linkedin and Tumblr for SEO, content distribution, and business sharing. By having a Linkedin or Tumblr account, it will allow you to increase your income from your business. In this case, you have to post more updates so that people will always be interested in visiting your blog.


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