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Creating an Online Advertisement Strategy

These days, more and more small businesses are developing online advertising and marketing strategies. Today, we are discussing about the online advertisement strategies to grow your business. Many people are often confuse about the difference between online advertising and marketing so lets discuss the basic about the online advertising and marketing.

What is online advertising?

In the most basic of definitions, online advertising is the promotion of a product or services or brand via any form of paid electronic media e.g. FaceBook Ads, Google Ads.

What is online marketing or digital marketing?

In the most basic of definitions, online marketing is the larger umbrella in which you find internet advertising, and it includes website, blog, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, text message (SMS), content marketing and video marketing.

In last months, with more customers shopping online than before, online advertisement strategies is one of the best way to attract more online user towards your company products, services or brand. Lets discuss the online advertising strategies, how can you archive more users?

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1. Identify your target audience

You need to do a little brainstorming about your company products or services and then make a note for target audience; it includes age range, sex, professionals, locations and competitor analysis.

2. Creative Online Advertisement which attract your target audience

Its more important factor that when user see your online advertising they eager to see what you are doing.

3. Competitor Analysis

You need to know about your competitor and check their advertising style. You need to create a creative concept of your advertising so you can get a benefit out of it.

4. Budget

Its a more crucial aspect of any small business because you should at least run an online advertising campaign for 3 months. Based on monthly statistic you need to improve online advertising strategies, it might be possible you cant get much traffic or sales from the 1st month so you need to change the online advertising media e.g. FaceBook to Google PPC etc.

5. Tracking the weekly ormonthlyactivity of your online advertising campaign

You should track the weekly or monthly activity of your online advertising campaign and make the online advertising strategies for next online advertising campaign. Whether you want to reach out to new potential clients or bring previous customers back to your business, an online advertising strategy is essential in todays marketplace.

Why is social medial marketing so important for business?

The easiest answer, you can show all your business activity around your circle (Friends, Family members and business associations) and make your company product or service awareness.

iVory team research said 90% of good business start from the nearest circle and its expand gradually with the help of them.

In past few years, every business owner sent the greetings on festival to their relative or nearest circle for best wishes with their company information.

How many are agreed with me that they doing a traditional marketing for their business?

Its a necessary thing when we are not connected with each other on internet; but now social media gives a better options and easy facility to engage users on social platform.

Social Media Marketing is a new look of traditional Word of Mouth Marketing.

iVory helps to make your #brand more valuable

Why use the social media platform for business?

  1. You can spread your business awareness to your nearest and dearest people.
  2. You can get more new potential clients from it and spread your business across the globe.
  3. You build a customer loyalty on social platform which increase your sales on timely manner.
  4. Its a best Advertising and Marketing tool; you can easily share a new coupons, discount information and product or service information.
  5. Its a less time consuming and gives a better result, if we will make it on proper way.

There are many social media platforms are available now a day; but its most important to choose right social media platform for your business.

Today, we will discuss the FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube as its most Famous and widely use in the internet.

The social media platform statistics


  • No. of Users: 1.19 Billion Worldwide
  • iVory believed that 95% of your circle uses the FaceBook at least 4-5 times in a day.
  • It’s User friendly – User can easily create a post, upload their images and engage more users.


  • No. of Users: 271 Million Worldwide
  • iVory believed that 40% of your business circle uses the Twitter at least 5-6 times in a day.
  • It’s a little bit tricky as User can write only 140 character message on it. It’s generally used by professionals.


  • No. of Users: 1 Billion Worldwide
  • iVory believed that 70% of your circle uses the YouTube at least 2-3 times in a day
  • It’s widely used Video Marketing platform. You can also check Importance of Video Marketing

iVory helps to make your #brand more valuable

Grow your business using your brand identity design

If you are geared up to brand yourself or your company, you need to have a clear understanding of what developing a brand identity design actually involves before you really get started.

What is branding?

A branding means creating a brand. It is a process which involves, positioning your company or product in the market (domestic or international), design a brand strategy (how you will reach your goals), creating your identity, designing company corporate identity or product identity, define brand messaging, and setting brand standards (how you keep your brand consistent and strong).

Brand Design Steps:

  1. Brand Research and Analysis
  2. Visualization
  3. Unique Trademark
  4. Logo Identity
  5. Photography
  6. Brochure Design
  7. Marketing Material
  8. Business Card Design
  9. Letterhead Design
  10. Cover Design
  11. Flyer Design
  12. Billboard Design
  13. Hoarding Design
  14. News paper ads
  15. Magazine ads
  16. Label Design
  17. Catalogue Design
  18. Literates Design
  19. Stall Exhibition
  20. Package Design
  21. Website design
  22. Digital Marketing
  23. Mobile Application

You can also check our brand design case studies at Brand Design Case Studies

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Fudler Vehicle / Open Restaurant

Cotton Exporter


Importance of Video Marketing

Why online video marketing?

In todays competitive business edge, everyone tried to find our potential customers wherever they are. Everyone knows that their competitors are already working hard to get the same customers from the niche market. As per the market trend, every business is putting an extra effort to find and connect with the customers on social media. They can reach their prospects and customers on social media by holding contests, offering giveaways, using paid advertisements, joining groups where their potential customers are and engaging with them, and so on. Do you think these activities are gets client trust and confidence for your business products or services? Yes, somehow (almost 15-20%) its attracted the customers interest towards your business products or services but not getting a 100% returns from it. Video Marketing is a 100% powerful digital marketing strategy to get more customers towards your company. Video helps to create an engagement, trust, curiosity and confidence towards your business products or services.

Importance of Video Marketing:

  • Videos increase consumer understanding of your business product or service by 74%
  • Now, 60% buyers are spending money after watching video for business products or services online
  • Every day 100 million internet users watch an online video for their requirement
  • Video ads are most popular and 60% of companies are doing it
  • 50% of consumers watch business related videos on YouTube once a week
  • An average user spends about 16 minutes 49 Seconds watching online video ads every month
  • 80% of internet users remember the creative video ads
  • 26% of users look for detail information after viewing a video ad online
  • After visiting a creative video ad, 12% of viewers purchase the specific products or services
  • 80% of your online customers will watch a video, while only 20 Percent will actually read content

Creative Video Helps:

  • You can easily build your community with video presence
  • You can build your YouTube channel and easily tell your unique stories to your potential customers / clients
  • You can engage more customers / clients on Facebook, We believe video is a very powerful tools to build a new customers / clients
  • You can get more response on Twitter; we believe that video message gives you 91% more viewer.
  • You can get more Visibility on Google+; we believe that Google loves Video content.
  • You can build strong professional identity on LinkedIn;

Popular Video Formats:

  • Testimonials or Customer Stories
  • Product overviews
  • Company or Business introduction videos
  • Video Tutorials
  • Popular Interviews
  • Celebrities endorsing the brand

Free Website Audit Tools to improve your website digital presence

Today, iVory Web Design is launched a new Website Audit Tools for their clients so they can check their website digital health.

You can check the sample report – iVory Branding Agency Website Audit Report.

Check your website digital health -FreeiVory Digital Marketing Audit Tool

Website audit result:

  1. Website Speed information

  2. Website page size

  3. Website load information

  4. On page SEO information

  5. Top Words on the website

  6. Copy Analysis

  7. Code Analysis

  8. Social Analysis

  9. Mobile Analysis

  10. Link Analysis

  11. Root Domain Link Analysis

  12. Domain Analysis

After completion of website audit you can get the task list to improve your digital presence.

Part I – Get success in Social Media Marketing Strategies

Goal + Target + Strategies + Interaction + Identify = Success in Social Media + Up your Brand + Generate a Sell

iVory Web Design getting a tons of inquiries for digital marketing every day, so we have decided to provide basic digital marketing guideline to our users. Its a total 10 part of social media guideline and will post one by one on every week.

Ask few questions to you before start a social media activities or finding a digital marketing agency:

  1. Why social media is necessary for your business?
  2. What is goal in social media marketing?
  3. What are your target audience / industries?
  4. What is your strategies for interact with people
    • Best time to post or share
    • Content strategies
    • Identify the right person and start engaging them with your company brand
    • Group discussion
  5. Is your website user friendly?
  6. Do you have a blog in your website? Or are you using Free WordPress blog or ?

How to start Social Media Marketing?

  1. Identify your social media marketing budget
  2. Identify your location
  3. Create industry specific content
    • Company introduction
    • Product or Services information
    • Images
    • Video
    • Achievements
    • Client testimonials
  4. Start a analysis of social market
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Local business registration in Google+
  7. Time allocation

Step 1: Start with FaceBook for 3 weeks:

  1. Create your FaceBook business page
  2. Create profile image with proper call to action
  3. Follow the target audience
  4. Interact with target audience in their post or discussion
  5. Post a relevant content with proper image
  6. Highlight your website in your post
  7. Highlight your keywords in your post
  8. We suggest you to add at least 2-3 new post every day
  9. We suggest you to share and follow the respective person
  10. Don’t invest money in advertising

Step2: Analysis of FaceBook

  1. Start engagement after 1st week
  2. You need to analysis of your target keyword every week
  3. Find a best time to post
  4. You need to target at least 100+ likes and 250+ industries specific users

Step 3: Start with LinkedIn for 4 weeks

  1. Create your LinkedIn profile page
  2. Add your skill in to it
  3. Create your company profile page
  4. Join the group
  5. Connect with respective people
  6. Post at least 1 activity daily basis
  7. Interact with peoples activity

Step 4: Analysis of LinkedIn

  1. You can also connect your Twitter account with LinkedIn so it will sync.
  2. Analysis of target people check their engagement with LinkedIn, check their post, check their connections and groups
  3. You can target at least 200+ target industries people

Step 5: FaceBook & LinkedIn Groups after 6-7 weeks

  • Start a conversation with group and highlight your products or services

If you need any assistance regarding Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing Strategies then free feel to call us at India – 91.792.762.2039, USA – (480) 409-1416 and UK – +44 (0) 203 290 4456 or email us at [email protected]

You can also Download PDF version -Part I – Get success in Social Media Marketing Strategies