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Best Social Media Tips for Business agreed by Social Media Experts

Amit Patriwala

#1 Create a Social Media Channel Plan

As per our discussion with many companies for their Digital Marketing or Social Marketing activity, they feel overwhelmed by the need to create unique or audience specific content for every social media platform. Apart from this, many popular brands create one type of content and then spread into the social media platform. If you are doing, the same type of content across all the social media platform then you should need a social media channel plan.

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Why we need a Social Media Channel Plan?

We know that each social media platform has its audience type and thus, you need a proper social media plan to target that audience. You would also like to know Why is social media marketing so important for business?

What are the components for the Social Media Channel?

  • The Channel (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and much more)
  • Primary content type (Text Content, Infographics, and Video)
  • The target audiences or persona
  • Identify your goal and target it – e.g. in this week, we need to focus on the sales goal, general inquiry, brand awareness
  • Post content – You should follow the some common rules, e.g. when you are checking the post what you like or dislike so based on that you can prepare your post content.
  • Channel engagement – You should check the each post engagement or monitor it and prepare the action plan.
  • Editorial Calendar – You should need the own editorial calendar for each channel.
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#2 Deliver Content Consistently across the all the social media platform

In order to win in social media marketing strategies, you should not ignore or take this for granted. We all know that a lot of people are on social media nowadays, thus monitoring your posts and updates regularly whatever social media activities your company is posting on your site so it most important to engage them regular basis. You can make an action plan to deliver the right content to right audience based on the social media platform monitoring.

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#3 Write a blog post for Social Media Updates

It’s a content strategy to engage your audience. We always give a suggestion that you can create a blog post or article based on your popular post engagement based on your monitoring. It will give you 100% user trust. Let’s discuss the example, few days ago, I have post a video for “Testimonial for Branding Agency”, I got a good response on the social site and after a week, there is no activity on it. We have created the blog post for it and now we got some engagement every week. You are also interested to check our Part I – Get success in Social Media Marketing Strategies

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#4 Manage Time Effectively

You should know the best time to publish your post on social media platform. If your targeted audience available then and then you can get a proper response on social media.

#5 Focus on One Social Media Channel

In starting of the business, we always suggest to focus on one channel (FaceBook) and build the users, then start working on 2nd channel and introduce your audience to say “We are also available on Twitter”. You can get more success ratio and user trust.

#6 Social Media Post Content

You should create an engageable post for each social media platform which includes proper title or tag line, content respective images or video, proper message and link.

#7 Focus on Video Marketing

Every Business, they can reach their prospects and customers on social media platform by holding contests, offering giveaways, using paid advertisements, joining groups where their potential customers are and engaging with them, and so on. Do you think these activities gets client trust and confidence for your business products or services? Yes, somehow (almost 15-20%) it’s attracted the customer’s interest towards your business products or services but not getting a 100% returns from it. Video Marketing is a 100% powerful digital marketing strategy to get more customers towards your company. You can check Importance of Video Marketing

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Author: Amit Patriwala

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