How to advertise your business using business card

Amit Patriwala

Today, I have written the post because we have designed mini brochure type creative business card.

Let’s start, how we have started this project

In December, 2013, we have started our 3rd local marketing campaign by the flyer distribution. We were getting a good response from the campaign. We got numerous call from the clients at our office and then we discuss the project brief with them. After finalize the project scope of work we schedule a meeting with the client to a better understanding of their view for their project.

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We have scheduled meeting with the client, who is interested in re-brand their 50 years old reputed company brand. In a meeting, they said, first they want to revamp their brand identity and make their visual presence. We have checked their existing brand identity and logo, as per the industry standards (Creative Logo Design Process), it was good and honestly suit to their industry. We have suggested them to start with the corporate brand identity design because their existing logo or brand identity is perfect. We have started to ask a few question to understand their business and their industry which is below:

iVory – Can you please brief us your business?

Client – We are manufacturing mechanical instruments and machines since 1960. The company looks after by their sons. They want to enhance their company presence so they want to re-design their logo and corporate identity in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

iVory – Okay, great. As per our earlier discussion, your company logo or brand identity is suit your business so we need to discuss the corporate brand identity design and brand identity design element, we have also discussed the 5 branding strategies to choose an effective brand name and then we show them a current work sample for the corporate brand identity design and brand identity design.

Client – Great, your work is really amazing. how do you start with corporate brand identity design project?

iVory – Thanks, In a corporate brand identity project, we will start with the brand theme design, it includes 2-3 brand design concept and then we will make Business Card, Letterhead, and Envelop design. Before starting a project, we need to understand your preferences or idea for the brand theme design.

Client – I have developed a first visiting card in 1960 and then modified it on 2005.

iVory – Ah really, do you have any sample for us?

Client – yes but I need a new creative design in it.

iVory – we have explained them a business card concept which is below –

#1 good business card should convey the overall image of your business process.

#2 most important it conveys the company strength.

#3 reflects your company brand identity.

#4 don’t want to include much stuff on the business card so it looks attractive to the user.

Client – we know everything and now we need a creative business card from your company. Can you please show some corporate brand identity project related to our industry? We need to display our product and product photo so the user can get knowledge about us.

iVory – We show them a some recent work related to Corporate Branding. We can also try to understand their business card concept.

Client – I need to display product photo and title in the Business Card design.

iVory – Okay, we will provide you 3 sample of the business card and thereafter work upon the changes on selected business card. Let me explain our work style, we are not a traditional agency, we have divided the entire process into two steps which cost you individually means costing for designing and printing is different.

Why do we need to hire an agency for brand design work?

Client – ok, I am agreed on cost but I need a creative business card.

iVory – Okay, Thanks.

We have started working on the brand theme design concept and provided 3 conceptual brand theme. They have selected 1 theme and we have completed the project.

Now come to the point, how the business card work as a Mini Brochure

Do you think, in business card,

front page – we have added the company name, person name with the designation, highlight the business services in the front and the address.

back page – we have added the company logo, client’s tagline, their sons name and 10 products pictures with the title.

How can you setup this much information in such a small amount of space? But we have made this happen with our creative hands.

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