8 Common Adwords E-Commerce Mistakes – Here are Those Things You must Avoid

For internet marketers, it has become a common knowledge that AdWords has become a very effective way of getting more traffic for your website. Unfortunately, just like other tools, AdWords can be quite effective if used in the right way but can also be quite ineffective as well as money and time wasting if used in the wrong way. In this case, it is also the same with Google Translate. When most people think that translating a document with Google Translate is the worst decision, I still think that it is a very good idea if you know how to use Google Translate well. So, before you decide to use AdWords for making more traffic (and money as well of course), then it is better for you to know the answers to the question, “what are the 8 common AdWords E-Commerce Mistakes?

8 common AdWords E-Commerce Mistakes

#1 Out of product stocks

The first on the list of 8 common AdWords e-commerce mistakes is running ads when you have run out of product stocks. Well, as the title suggests, it is just like promoting something that doesn’t exist, or you can say firing a gun full of bullets to a hidden target. Of course, you will only waste your precious bullets for nothing. In business, it is only an act of wasting money without gaining any money to cover the cost of the ads. So, it really makes sense to avoid this act.

#2 Not building granular accounts

The second thing is that an internet marketer is not building granular accounts with adverts for each product. Well, to make it simple, it is about making useful information on your product ads. That way, people will be able to recognize the ads and when the ads are about the things they need, then they will not hesitate to click them. However, you must not forget about the first point where the ads are related to your product stocks.

#3 Social proof

The third thing is that an internet marketer doesn’t add social proof of your ads. Well, it is about the reviews or testimonials of the products that you advertise. According to a research, about 61% of online shoppers read reviews before they buy the products they want. So, it is always a good idea to put the reviews of your products to give objective views about your products to your potential buyers.

#4 AdWords countdowns

The fourth thing is about not using AdWords countdowns to create urgency during sales. As the title suggests, it is about making the right supply at the right time. There are always times when your products are most needed and when your products are less needed. So, it is always better to get the right timing for your product ads. By advertising the products at the wrong time, you will only waste your time and money for the ads that only give you few deals.

Well, those are 4 common adWords e-commerce mistakes. The other 4 things about, “what are the 8 common AdWords e-commerce mistakes?” includes

#5 Forgetting to consider about modeling of attribution when you bid or pause ads to use ad groups with

#6 To use ad groups with the single keyword for keywords with top performance manage search queries of Google shopping effectively, and to recognize the lifetime value of your customer.

#7 To manage search queries of Google shopping effectively and to recognize the lifetime value of your customer.

#8 To recognize the lifetime value of your customer

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