7 Ways for Attorneys to Get More Clients by Law Firm Website Design Agency

There are so many online websites for the Attorney firm’s or businesses but by the end of this year, you will see more than half of them not in use. Hardly one or two might survive and they are the ones, who act on different digital marketing and content marketing strategies to drive in customers.

As a creative Law firm website design agency, we are getting a lot of inquiries for law firm website design and development, and most of the lawyers are complaining about the losing a potential customer, due to lack of their law firm website presence. However, in this piece of article 7 Ways for Attorneys to Get More Clients , you are going to get some awesome ideas (that totally applicable) and promise to help you in driving more traffic to your law firm website.

Infographics 7 Ways for Attorneys to Get More Clients

#1 Events and Meetups

Building a clientele base is largely a numbers game – the more people you can network with the better. Attending networking events and meetups is an easy way to engage with potential clients.

#2 Question and Answer Website

There’re quite a few good question and answer websites but Quora and Avvo seem to be the best for the attorneys. Search for questions relating to your area of practice and provide people with the helpful answer – but without providing legal advice.

#3 Directory Listing

With the emergence of all things online – people forget about the resource everyone used to find, well, everything just a few years ago. Now, everyone doing a good advertising and marketing campaign to get more traffic to their Directory website, thus it might be the benefit to list the business with them.

#4 Blogging / Content Marketing

Actively maintaining a blog on your website targeted to your area of practice is a great way to attract new clients. Additionally, Google LOVES fresh content that keeps visitors engaged on your website.

#5 Social Media Marketing

Offering a free legal discussion on your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page is a great way to build up targeted followers.

#6 Buying Leads

Buying leads is a good strategy, but can be more expensive means of finding new clients for your practice. There’s a number of reputable services like Total Attorneys, AttorneyBoost & Legal Zoom.

#7 Referral Networks

Referrals are still one of the most common ways that attorneys get more clients. Network with as many attorneys in other practice areas as possible and set up an agreement to refer each other business whenever possible. They’re even websites dedicated for this exact purpose like LegalReach and WireLawyer.

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