6 steps to develop Website Information Architecture

The term “Information Architecture” or “Website Architecture” is widely used in the web industry.

What is Website Information Architecture?

As per the Information Architecture Institute,

“Information architecture is about helping people understand their surroundings and find what they are looking for, in the real world as well as online.”

Let’s discuss the real time scenario to understand the website information architecture, you are designing a new website for your business. The website design agency has discussed the flow of the website with you, it might look like

Website homepage:

Header – Logo & quick call to action button

Top menu – Home | About | Service | Blog | Contact

Secondary menu – Service – Website Design | Web Development | Mobile Application

Banner – There is 3-4 rotating banner

About the company

Service listing



As a traditional way, the website design agency or company has defined the website flow and architecture for your website design project. Now, they start working on the homepage design based on your reference or the industries standard. They made some research on modern website design as per the industries specification and create a website homepage. After getting the approval of website homepage design, they sent it to the development team. Now, the development team integrate the design with the specific CMS and give you a demo. After getting the approval of web development, they are making the site live for you. That’s right?

Let’s discuss,

How the website information architecture work?


Step 1: Understand the Business and Objective

Based on the business and their object, we need to create website design & development strategies and discuss with the client. The most important point, the website design strategy must incorporate the client’s business requirement and achieve their business goal.

Step 2: Create UX & UI strategy

Based on the website design & development strategy, we need to define UX and UI strategies, it includes the element of the entire website.


Step 3: Create Content Strategy

It’s a crucial element for your business success. You need to create an effective content for each page of the website and link with each other. You can also check – What are the essential elements of Content Marketing?

Step 4: Create Prototype and mapping

Now, you have everything ready for your website. The team is now making a wireframe / prototype as per the UX / UI and Content strategy. We need to check entire prototype / wireframe with the various scenario and make it more effective. It’s a stage where we need to refine the UX / UI strategies and Content strategies. It’s really time-consuming and boring process but it’s a most important process to make your business profitable. You can make numerous changes to achieve your business goal. After getting the approval, the designer making the final changes on the entire website pages and send it to the development team.

Step 5:  Project Development

In this stage, development team follows the prototype / wireframe for the development.

Step 6: Website Testing & Live

After the completion of website development, the QA team checks the entire site functionality and send for client’s review. After getting the approval, team will make the website live.

I hope, now you can understand the entire process for Website Information Architecture. It’s really takes 3-4 more time then traditional development process but it gives you 110% ROI of your website.

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