5 Important Mobile App Development Details That Too Many Businesses Ignore

More than a decade ago, the first “Internet gold rush” occurred when tens of millions of new users were flocking to the web every year, and companies realized that they needed a professional website to take advantage and share in the profits. Today, the same thing is happening with app development, as businesses of all sizes are seeing usage rates for smartphones and tablets soar. Millions upon millions are being spent on, and generated by, new mobile apps, so it’s no surprise that owners and executives are looking for ways to get involved.

Successful app development takes a lot more than a clever idea and a few hours of programming, however. In fact, it’s estimated that the majority of all new apps actually lose money, if only because they aren’t properly planned, developed, and executed.

In order to make the most of the opportunities that are out there, and keep you from wasting your time and budget, here are five important mobile app development details that you shouldn’t ignore:

#1. Competitive research.

Is your app really different from others that are already on the market, or will be soon? How sure are you about that answer? A bit of competitive research at the beginning of the app development process can save you a lot of headaches (or even possible legal troubles) later down the road.

#2. An experienced programming team.

Experienced app development team don’t just work quickly, they work simply, using as little code as possible. While that might not seem like a big deal to you now, it’s something you’ll appreciate later when you need to make updates and your app doesn’t crash, or require a lot of time and money for a new version.

#3. A plan for extensive testing and future updates.

It goes without saying that your app should be thoroughly tested across several different mobile platforms before it’s released. Otherwise, you’ll face poor customer reviews, lagging sales, and a flurry of complaints and technical problems. You should also plan ahead for future updates since there will undoubtedly be features that customers will want that aren’t obvious now.

4. Detailed project scheduling.

Many mobile app development projects seem like a great deal when they are presented, only to drag on and on (and go over budget) later in the process. With a detailed project schedule that includes specific benchmarks spelled out in the beginning, you decrease the risk that you’ll get less than you bargained for.

5. Post-development app marketing.

Even the very best apps don’t sell themselves, so it’s incumbent on you and your development team to have a strong marketing plan in place to make sure that the public hears about your wonderful creation.

The most successful and profitable mobile apps aren’t the result of a moment of inspiration and a few days of work. Instead, they are the natural conclusion of a process that begins with exploring ideas and only ends when the right plan and product have been put into place. Don’t overlook the details, because you’ll come to regret it later.

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