How to develop a strong brand voice?

Brand voice is the tone in which you speak to and connect with your target customers.

Brand should have a strong voice, so that customers are attracting towards it.

There are three major things to define a strong brand – Visually, Verbally and Vision.

#1 Visually – It is includes Logo design, colors, conceptualization and branding design.

#2 Verbally – It is includes messages, tagline, slogan, jingles and marketing speech.

#3 Vision – it means your brand promise and it’s required a lot’s of R&D.

In general, when you are talking about the brand design or brand strategies towards the customer they understood that it means logo and visual identity. We understand the entire market scenarios and confused because visual identity is a initial part of strong brand design.

The art of marketing is the art of brand building.


When you start a company or brand marketing, what are the most important aspects?

How can you convey messages that attract the right customers, speak to their business and needs effectively and, even more so, enable you to stand out in a marketplace? The strong brand voice can make or break that relationship and they think of you on first.

Many companies get caught up in talking about they do, sell, offer or provides because their brand doesn’t speak what they want. In general, every business owner knows everything and they are under impression that they are providing best services / products in the market but this is not true every time.  When you want to crash the market you need to build a strong brand voice. The strong brand voice connects your target customers towards your company from the competitions.

Brand voice needs to be consistent, authentic and convincing, even across audiences

Let’s start with an example for more details; we have been working with the manufacturing company in India. After completion of visual identity, we have started to work upon creating a brand voice.


#1 Tagline

#2 Slogan

#3 Radio jingles

#4 Identify benefit of product

#5 Marketing & Sales speech

#6 Effective messages for advertising – Why we are different?

#7 TV ads


How to start branding using creative business card design?

Business card can be a best marketing weapon for local business, it is a small identity of your company that can be work anywhere in the world.

Why creative business card design still matter?

The business card is the single most successful marketing tool till date and also it carries your company brand value. When you are ready to leave any meeting or business place, handing the person you have met with your company business card reiterate who you are and why you were there. It is something tangible so that they can carry with them and use it when it is required.

How to design a creative business card?

We believe that there is no word for creativity. At iVory Branding Agency, we always provide a few options for business card because believe in client’s preferences and choose.

Step 1: Understand the client business and requirement

Step 2: Ask for business logo, color and font preferences

Step 3: Business and Contact details

Step 4: Providing few options

Option 1: Vertical business card design


Option 2: Vertical Business Card Design  


 Option 3: Horizontal Business Card Design


 Option 4: Horizontal Business Card Design


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Concept based magazine ads design by iVory branding Agency

Today, we have received a call regarding “Concept based magazine ads design” and setup a meeting with them at our office.

Client – We need a magazine ads design which shows that we are increasing our price after 20 years.

iVory – Okay, Can you please bit explain about your company and product.

Client – Sure

They have explained everything about the company and their products and we have also good discussion on other point as well.

We have start working upon the Magazine ads design and do you know what happen? We have a vast experience in magazine ads design but we have stuck up to represent a proper message to target audience. We have started to visualization everything and made a 2 advertising design concept.

Our main focus on:

1. Company logo with the message “After the 20 years we change our price”

2. Company product information

3. We need to present years information

4. Product advantage

5. Company contact details

6.  Company website information


Design an effective hoarding for bed sheet manufacturing company

The hoarding design is little bit different from brochure design, marketing materials design and advertising materials design. The major three reasons are below

Reason 1: Distance

The hoarding is read from long distance as compare to brochure, marketing materials and advertising materials.

Reason 2: Short time

You can see the hoarding while you driving or walking on the road so you don’t have a enough time to read it.

Reason 3: Communicate message

The most important factor is communicating the proper message within a second. As you know that user don’t have a much time to read the entire hording content so it is most important that your design must be easily eye cache and provide the proper message about your business.


How to design effective hoarding for your business?

1. Add your company identity (Logo / Symbol / Character)

2. Add your company tag line / slogan

3. Add your company brand ambassador image

4. Add your products / services in it

5.  You can also add the offer or exclusive information

6. Don’t forget to add your contact details (Phone number, company address or website)

7. Don’t write a much text or message on hoarding


iVory Web Design Private Limited is preferred branding & advertising agency for corporate brand design & communication service, logo design services, company identity symbol design, letterhead design, envelope design, creative content writing services, brochure design, catalogue design, folder design, flyer design, poster design, hoarding design, advertising material design, marketing material design, print ad design services, book cover design, packaging box design, packaging label design, exhibition stall design,  print media services,  brand promotion and advertising services, event management services, website design and development services.

Which are the most common mistakes in the branding process?

#1 it is not a simple and creative

The brand design concept is simple and creative so target audience will easily understand our brand.

#2 Inconsistencies

Branding is all about consistency in branding theme. Logos, text, font and colors: these need to all be consistent across the branding process.

The clients are not understand the meaning of branding, so what they assumed it’s a graphics design work and we need to have a better images / graphics on the material. As a branding agency you need to explain the benefit of consistency in design or theme.

#3 Clients are impatience in middle of the branding process; because they don’t want to invest a time in branding material, advertising material and marketing material

You need to explain the branding process to client before start the project. The goal of branding, properly conceived and executed, is to become an overnight success in 1 or 2 years, not next month.

#4 Clients are losing trust on agency

We don’t saying that agencies are always right. The agency is working hard to meet your company goals; so don’t lose your trust from them. You can always discuss the problem and situation with them so you can get more creative work.

#5 its presence in online and offline market

In today’s era, it’s most important that you need to build a digital branding.

The clients do not understand the importance of digital presence so you need to explain them about the website, online marketing, social media and digital ads.

#6 decides the printing, advertising and marketing agencies on starting of the branding process

It’s a most fundamental part that you need to hire all the agencies once so you can get faster result or hire a once agency who can provide all the support.

What is branding?

If you are geared up to brand yourself or your company, you need to have a clear understanding of what developing a brand actually involves before you really get started.

 Making it simple straight and relevant

 What is brand?

A brand is the connection of customers’ expectation and their experience, its simple meaning of reflection of company identity and reputation.

What is branding?

A branding means creating a brand. It is a process which involves, positioning your company or product in the market (domestic or international), design a brand strategy (how you will reach your goals), creating your identity, designing company corporate identity or product identity, define brand messaging, and setting brand standards (how you keep your brand consistent and strong).

A branding is the idea or concept of a specific business products or services that customers connect with, by identifying the name, logo (symbolic form), slogan, marketing material, advertisement material and design of the company who owns the idea.

Brand Design, Branding Strategy & Digital Branding Solutions

What is digital branding?

Digital branding is a brand engagement with a key focus on communication via media. It includes digital marketing material design, digital advertising concept design, and digital company branding material design, internet ads, PR activity, social media activity and web presence.

We have derived the normal form of branding is “LOVE“.

You need to love your brand. LOVE means Listen, Observe, Vulnerability and Evolution.

LOVE your brand

Branding is one of the most essential aspects of any business; either it is a small business or large business. Your company branding is derived from who you are; who you want to be and how the visitor or clients perceive you to be. The branding creates the “voice” for your company that reflects your company standards and culture.

Why brand design is so important?

Your brand is the source of a guarantee to your consumer


Brand should be recognizable in the target market

Brand should be memorable in perspective clients

Brand should be distinctive competitive market

Brand should be favored by the target audience

Why hire an advertising agency?

The agency can be a major source of creativity, neutrality, and accountability.

We know that it’s a very stupid question to ask you about the hire agency? But the fact is you need to know about it. We are having a good experience to work with Ahmedabad, Gujarat clients; because every clients demanding about the best quality on cheaper rate.

Today, I have come across with situation where my client is reaching at our event management company and discussing the rates. Client has spent an entire day with the event management company and discusses the event setup and then called up and said that we need a graphics files for our events.

The first and most important point, you need to trust on your agency because they can work hard to archive your company goal.

We know our client mentality –They need a cheapest dealer or company in the market and saving money.

The second and most important point, agency will save your money and time.


The general phenomena, when you meet any client, they explain a long planning with you and show the capability to spend money but when you work with them it’s totally different, they argue much with you in terms of money, they can cross check the rate with the other individual agencies and said that your rates are very expensive. When you see the other agencies price and it’s a different in 0.2 or 0.3%.

The third and most important point, the agency will provide the professional services means you can get quality work on timely manner, so you don’t follow up many person / agencies at a time.

The agency is able to provide a fresh, complete look at your business and then apply their knowledge and experience to develop a brand image that resounds throughout all facets of your business.

The forth and most important point, you need to proper communication with your agency so they are having a clear idea about your thoughts process.