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How to advertise your business using business card

Today, I have written this post because we have designed mini brochure type business card. Our client is having a typical mentality for their business card. Let’s start, how we have started this project.

In December, 2013 – we have started our 3rd marketing campaign by flyer distributer and getting a good number of inquiries. We have got a call from client in our office then are interested to design their business and we have schedule a meeting with them.

We are reaching at client home for explaining the branding activity and client said that they need to design the business card as they like our graphics design work in flyer. We have started to ask a few questions.

iVory – tell me about your business.

Client – we are manufacturing mechanical instrument and company is take care by their sons. Client said that my sons have completed their diploma degree only.

iVory – okay, so you need to develop a business card for your sons.

Client – no, I want to design the cards for me only.

iVory – okay that cool. Do you have a old business card?

Client – I have developed a first visiting card in 1960 and then modified it on 2005.

iVory – ah really, do you have a sample for us?

Client – yes but I need a new creative design in it.

iVory – we have explained them a business card concept which is below –

#1 good business card should convey the overall image of your business process.

#2 most important it convey the company strength.

#3 reflects your company brand identity.

#4 don’t want to include many stuff in business card so it looks attractive to the user.

Client – we know everything and now we need a creative business card from your company. We need to display our product and product photo so user can get knowledge about us.

iVory – we can add the name of product and it’s not suggested to add the photo.

Client – I need to add photo too.

iVory – okay, we will provide you 3 sample of business card and thereafter work upon the changes on selected business card. Let me explain our work style, we are not a traditional agency, we have divided the entire process in two steps which cost you individually means cost for designing and printing is different. We have given them a cost.

Client – okay, I am agreed on cost but I need a creative business card.

iVory – we have started working upon the concept and provide 5 dummy layout. We have traced the old logo from old business card.

Now come to the point, how to make a mini brochure in business card

Do you think, in business card,

front page – we have added the company name, person name with designation, highlight the business services in the front and address information.

back page – we have added the company logo, client’s tagline, their sons name and 10 product pictures.


 How can you setup this much information in such a small amount of space? But we have made this happen with our creative hands.

Importance of Brand Analysis in Brand Design

After a long experience in creative branding agency, we have found that companies invest lots of money in logo design, brand identity design, advertising & marketing materials, packaging and so on and then surprise why they are not getting the best results they expected or they might assume that they cannot get better outputs. We always ask a simple question, had they invested time in brand analysis or brand research along the way, their stories could have been quite different.

At our branding office in Ahmedabad, we have scheduled a meeting with the client to discuss the branding project, during meeting, we felt that the client had already worked with the other brand design agency in Ahmedabad and they are not satisfied with them. We have explained the brand design process along with brand analysis and strategy development, but they couldn’t understand our process because they overwhelming that brand design mean better images and graphic design.

After a few days they have called up and said can you does our new company brand design?

We have said “Yes” and requested 15 days time for brand analysis and research. ThereafterWe have completed brand analysis and research by market, and submitted reports to them. You guess what happen, they aren’t interested to see the report and said we need to work upon the brand design and development. We have followed the client instructions and submitted the concept design accordingly our analysis and they liked it.

After a few days, the client has started demanding and said that we don’t need a visualization / conceptual work; we need to add better images which appeal to our business. Thereafter, we have followed the client’s instruction and completed brand design, corporate identity designadvertising design, marketing material design, package design and website design.

As of now, everything looks good, but they don’t satisfy with it; because a competitor has worked accordingly their brand research and started to create a real brand identity in the market. Now our client said I want to learn branding from you guys. 

Creative advertising design concepts

Let’s talk about the 5.7 X 4.5 cm advertising design concept. When you got the dimension of the ad design, what you think? How can we design creative ads in this small size?

It is really challenging job for everyone because it’s really hard to adjust everything on the ad design. You can check the How to design an effective advertisement for more details.

We have taken a challenge and start working upon the advertising design concept. We have made a 5-6 concepts with the different style and pattern and then conclude in 4th Ads design concept.

Why we have selected the 4th Design?

#1 it’s includes the business logo and tag line means it includes company branding

We personally believe that, without brand name you never crack the existing market. It includes your logo, your brand name, or other product characteristics that illustrate and identify your company’s branding in relation to your major services and products.

#2 it’s highlighted the business information – “Branding & Advertising Agency”.

It is a crucial part of any business to convey their services to consume.

#3 it’s clearly indicated the call to action

It is the most important part because consumer can see your advertising and now they are interested in your products or services, what is the next step? It is either call for more details.

#4 it’s represented the website information

It is the most important part because consumer can see your advertising and now they are interested in your products or services, what is the next step? They can visit your website and get more information from there.

#5 it’s having an attractive image

A unique design will be creative and memorable that will be talked about by consumer a long time after they see or hear it.

How to design effective advertisement

Advertising is an important aspect of any business for their success.

Why effective advertisement is essential?

The running a successful business, effective advertising of your products or services is one of the most effective ways to bring in new consumers and increase sales of the business.

We believe that an effective advertisement creates a positive impact on your consumer. In order to understand how successful advertising campaigns help to sell products or services, you need to know how essential advertising elements are used to develop effective advertisement.

#1 you need to highlight your products or services using your brand name

We personally believe that, without brand name you never crack the existing market. It includes your logo, your brand name, or other product characteristics that illustrate and identify your company’s branding in relation to your major services and products.

#2 you need a unique design for your advertisement so it’s different from your competitor and stand in the crowd.

A unique design will be creative and memorable that will be talked about by consumer a long time after they see or hear it.

#3 you need to highlight your products or service features, so consumers can easily understand.

iVory Branding Agency helps to make your #brand more valuable

#4 you need to highlight the benefit your products or services so consumers can attract on it.

It is a crucial part of any products or services because you need to show why your products or services are better than your competitor or how it will benefit to them.

#5 you need to add clear Call to Action so consumers can easily reach your business.

It is the most important part because consumer can see your advertising and now they are interested in your products or services, what is the next step? It is either call or submit a online form.

#6 you need to put an attractive offer on an advertisement; thus 30% of the consumers are diverting on your business.

There is an old and very famous way, to get something, give something.  If you want your target to set an inquiry, appointment, consultation, or submit an online registration, then you have to offer something that will attract your target consumer to take the desired action.

 The most important aspect of ads is attractive design means “How to design effective advertisement”? iVory Web Design is a creative advertising agency in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Creative Logo Design Process

Logos and branding are so important for Business. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English, but are great at remembering signs – Karl Lagerfeld

Why logo design is important?

#1 it is a visual identity that offers clues about a company’s identity in the real world.

#2 it is a very important in establishing relationships with new consumers. It is a feeling of trust… and trust is a big reason why consumer initiates a relationship with your company.

#3. It can be graphically displayed or imaged about your services or products. This can be particularly important in cases where your business name does not fully explain what your business offers.

iVory Branding Agency helps to make your #brand more valuable

If you are looking for a creative logo design agency in Ahmedabad contact us.

Steps to develop an effective brand design

We know that there were lots of misunderstanding for brand design agency because everyone knows that brand design means graphic design work – it means designing a brand logo and then apply it to the company marketing materials.

iVory branding agency has developed the branding steps to create a complete company or corporate branding.

#1 Visualization

Visualization is a process of imagination. It involves studying how normal humans interact with your company products/services based on that creative branding agency create a graphical illustrations of information.

Discussion with client:

#1 Understand the client’s strategic goal of business in respective for their products/services.

#2 Research on the client’s products/services and understand the target audiences.

#3 Discuss the slogan and tag line.


#1 Develop a communication strategy with clients

#2 Develop a content strategy

#3 Initial concept design and then discuss with clients

#4 Prepare the brand identity design mock up and discuss brand design theme with the client

#5 Provide you the dummy layout or digital evidence for final layout

iVory Branding Agency helps to make your #brand more valuable

#2 Logo Design & Corporate Brand Identity design

In starting of logo design, iVory Branding Agency follows the clients’ thoughts about their business process, and then spend a valuable time to understand business model or process. We will prepare the prototype as logo is not a text, icon, symbol or images; during the logo design process, we will constantly communication with the client regarding feedbacks, suggestion or improvements.

We believe that logo is an expression of the company value, brand and culture.

#3 Unique Trademarks

In today’s competitive internet world, your branding strategy serves as an important role to distinguish your products and services from others or say competitor. We believe that, establishing a unique brand is a key to business success and also protecting that unique brand is most important as you have spent hundreds of hours developing your brand, what are you doing to ensure that an impersonator does not take advantage of your valuable efforts and divert your customers/client by using your company unique identity e.g. Logos, designs, image, tagline, or slogan.

#4 Content writing & Photography

It is more important to reflect your business using the image with respective content.

#5 Brochure Design

#6 Advertising & Marketing material design

#7 Package Design

#8 Website design

#9 Search engine optimization & social media marketing

#10 Digital Marketing

Leading Brand Development Company in India Offers Cost Effective Brand Strategies

Digital branding is a brand engagement with key focus on communication via the web media or digital media. It includes what people see on the web media, especially website presence, hear from the social media websites and  feel means presentation of online company services or products.

iVory Web Design Pvt. Ltd. announced the launch of a new segmentation brand design (iVory branding agency) at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. iVory branding agency( provides complete brand design and development solutions to their clients; which includes brand development, brand design and  development strategies, Advertising Agency, marketing strategies, printing and creative web design services.

Due to advancements in web technology, every business industry is growing worldwide; hence iVory has decided to provide the 360 branding solutions to their client along with effective brand strategies, so they have started an independent unit of branding agency in Ahmedabad. The ivory branding agency has developed integrated branding solutions by combining effective business strategies, creativity and cutting edge technology capabilities to enhance their client’s brand value in short time with cost effective manner. The agency fosters long-term customer devotion by creating effective digital brand experiences that bridge the gap between offline (local market) and online (web) interactions.

iVory branding agency offers a full branding package which includes creative logo design agency, business card design, letterhead design, envelope design, brochure design, catalogue design, flyer design, billboard design, hoarding design, label design, package design, marketing material design, advertising material design, paper ad design, 3d character animation design, effective radio and TV ad design.

iVory Branding Agency helps to make your #brand more valuable

Why branding is the most important aspect in cutting edge technology?

Develop a strong brand identity is a crucial element in developing an effective business plan, business strategies, advertising and marketing plan. In today’s competitive world, it is more important than ever to promote of a business product or service. If you’re well known as an excellence service provider, then you will be encouraging repeat business from the existing clients based. Ivory believe that branding is a great way to promote a business products or services because people are busy and tend to adhere to awareness. If customers identify a brand that they have previously used and they remember being satisfied with it, then they are more likely to choose that business product or service again in the future and recommend to other people.

The power of Branding

“Brand simplicity drives confidence and performance”

Brand is one of the most important assets of your business to drive and differentiate your business.

The power of Brand Strategies

“Brand strategies that make a positive impact in the market”

The creative brands strategies to be genuine & bold require less money to be spent on promotions (advertising & marketing) over the medium to long term to generate and maintain brand value.

The Power of Brand Equity

“Brand equity associate with public valuation of a brand”

The power of a brand is a key driver of brand equity, so it’s essential that you need to measure that strength.



Why we need to hire an agency for brand design work?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression 

We are having a meeting with the many business owners in day to day basis for the brand design concept thus concluded that now a day’s promoting business is not simple as the past.

In the last few years, the digital age has truly changed the way consumers interact with brands. That means there are a lot more opportunities and challenges when it comes to reaching your target consumers. The fundamental point consumers have educated and sophisticated.

Now come to the point why we need a branding agency for corporate brand design work, the simple points are below:

#1 provides you best guideline and direction regarding your company branding.

#2 having a great work culture, responsibility and discipline

#3 having a talented and creative team so you can get more creative work on timely manner

#4 having diversified experiences for the media (adverting, print and digital)

#5 having a huge experience in many industry / vertical so that they can share a better knowledge of market trend; its benefit to develop a strong strategy for your business

iVory Branding Agency helps to make your #brand more valuable

#6 helps you discover a creative picture of your brand.

#7 helps you take advantage of new technologies and resources.

#8 can save your money and time

The core advantages of a branding agency, a creative branding agency will have a dedicated team to work upon your project. They are having individual departments who can manage your project that specialize in their respective areas. For example, in brand design project, one team may handle entire visualization and graphics work, someone else may focus on content, and web team works upon the digital system.


iVory Web Design is a 360º advertising and branding agency in Ahmedabad that helps their client to create an engaging experience that builds their brand value. iVory Branding Agency is having a standard service pattern which starts with a unique branding strategy that evolves into a complete branding solution including creative ideas, power of technology, and faith full marketing strategies. iVory Branding Agency works with small to medium sized businesses and also works with leading brands.