10 Terrible Mistakes Content Writer to Avoid

Content writing isn’t as easy as people might think. High volumes of orders make writers need to work fast without sacrificing the quality. Most writers often make terrible mistakes in their work. On top of that, they don’t even realize what their mistakes are. Here are 10 mistakes they must avoid.

#1 Overlooking Digital Media

Sharing written post is important. In this case, digital media plays an important role in content marketing. There are many social media sites to use. Using only mailing list isn’t an efficient way to maximize the reach.

#2 Not Responsive to Comments

If readers post comments on the content, they are interested in it. Unfortunately, many content writers often forget to reply those comments. It’s bad if they don’t respond to any of these awesome feedbacks.

#3 Bad Headlines

The first thing that people read is the headline of the content. Here’s the fact. The headline can either break or make the content. Readers will avoid headlines that they have been familiar with. That means content writers should create inviting and clever headlines. Not to mention these should be relevant to the content.

#4 No Proofread

It’s one of the biggest mistakes among content writers. Forgetting to proofread can cause terrible problems. Readers won’t continue reading the content if they find many grammars and spelling errors. It’s true that typos do happen. It’s important to check the grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Proofreading is compulsory in prior to publishing.

#5 Giving No Credits

It’s true that visual aids are important in content creation. Most of the content writers use images from the internet. However, they often forget to give credit. No worries. It’s an easy task to do. They only need to write a hover over or a caption. If necessary, they need to link the images to the owners’ social profile or website.

#6 Fail to Keep a Promise

The content writer should keep credibility with their fan base. Things do happen, though. Some of them fail to create a post as promised. As the result, they lose credibility with their fan base or readership. The result can even be worse if they have many paying members. The best method to avoid this problem is to set realistic goals for posting content.

#7 Plagiarism

Content duplication is a terrible issue for content writers. It’s great to publish an amazing post to the site. However, it must be original and plagiarism-free. If readers and search engines mark it as spam, their reputation will be badly damaged. Plagiarism can occur unintentionally. In order to avoid it, content writers should utilize reliable plagiarism checker software.

#8 Ignoring External and Internal Links

This is also a terrible mistake. Most of the content writers don’t include either external or internal links. Why are these links important? These provide readers an option to click. They can open the new content in a new tab. This helps them gain information they want from the site.

#9 Focusing on the Stats

Needless to say, tracking stats is important. There’s one mistake, though. Content writers’ goal is to create appealing content. It isn’t a wise decision to do it obsessively. Instead, they must focus on the quality. Not to mention they should research and draft the content well.

#10 Ignoring Images and Visual Aids

Just because content and text are crucial doesn’t mean content writers can ignore visual aids. These are what catch readers’ attention. The curious audience will read the entire content, for sure. That means a post without an image can drive out visitors. It shouldn’t be tons of images. At least, content writers need to use a relevant and appealing image for their site.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Peter Wilmington

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