Unesta Website Development Case Study London UK

Company Overview

The Unesta Homes is a London-based property investment advisory firm and is part of India Homes Group. They want to create their online property portal, they having a clear idea about the functionality. Our 1st meeting at Ahmedabad with CEO, he has explained their vision and plan for developing a portal. As per our meeting at Ahmedabad office, they having a following requirement:

  • Hiring a dedicated designer and developer for their property portal development
  • They want to design & develop Responsive Design
  • Content Strategies
  • SEO Optimized Website Design
  • CMS Website Design
  • User Friendly Website

Project Understanding

As per our discussion and market research, we have shared our project understanding with client. It includes:

  • We have suggested ASP.NET, Core PHP or  Custom WordPress CMS for Website development, they said they need to go with WordPress as they are familiar with it.
  • Increase the brand awareness and online reach through storytelling
  • Website is Responsive
  • Highlight a Key point on front page / home page and having an easy to understandable navigation
  • Implement latest property shows video on home page

Website Design

Unesta UK Property Investor Website Design

Responsive Website

Website design agency in London, UK

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