Embody Feminine Website Design Canada

Company Overview

Embody the Feminine is a community established to empower women in Canada.

They want to create their online presence and they have an idea about what they need in the website. As per our first telephonic meeting, they have a following requirement:

  • Creative & Unique Website Design Concept
  • Responsive Website Design
  • SEO Optimized Website Design & Development
  • CMS Website
  • User Friendly Website

Project Understanding

As per our telephonic discussion, we have shared our project understanding with the client. It includes:

  • Implement a Customized Responsive WordPress CMS for Website development
  • Highlight a Key point on front page / home page and having an easy to understandable navigation
  • Implement the Article section for content
  • Implement a graphical overview of community in the footer area

Website Design

Responsive WordPress Design & Development
website design agency in canada

Responsive Website

Customized Responsive Website Design & Development
website design agency in canada

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