Twitter Introduces Ad Groups features

Twitter introduced a new Ad Groups feature in an attempt to improve advertising experience of the advertisers for their brands.

As per the Twitter – Optimize campaigns at scale using Twitter Ads editor and ad groups

Last year, Twitter launched the Twitter Ads editor to help advertisers seamlessly create and edit numerous campaigns at once.

Twitter excited to announce ad groups — a new level of our campaign structure that gives advertisers further control over how to spend their budgets and message different audiences.

Similar to how other ad platforms are structured, ad groups introduce a new level in our campaign hierarchy: one campaign can have many ad groups, and an ad group can have many targeting criteria and creatives. This level of granular control helps advertisers improve how they measure results, set promotion schedules, test different audiences, and identify which Tweets work best.




The Targeting criteria:

#1 Geo-Location Based

#2 Language Based

#3 Device Based

#4 Keyword Based

#5 Interested Category

Let me explain:

You can also check Using Ad Groups for Segmentation on Twitter Ads for better understanding.

Twitter Campaign Without Ads Groups

twitter campaign without ad groups

Twitter Campaign With Ads Groups

twitter campaign with ad groups

Benefits of Ad Groups on Twitter Ads

In addition to cleaner data with segmentation, housing your targeting into one campaign with multiple ad groups allows you to keep a larger master budget for the entire campaign. The latency period to get enough data on your campaigns will be shorter, so you can make strategic optimization decisions faster with ad groups.

You can also check the twitter success story of Intel India – How can a tech company drive interest and influence purchase decisions around a launch?

“Within the first six hours of our #4thGenCore campaign on Twitter, we knew it was going to be big and we decided to create eight to ten extra pieces of content. The next day, people were very receptive with what we had created—they were taking our content and consuming it very well. We didn’t really have any idea it would be so successful”

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