Digital Marketing Technique: 25 SEO Checklist for your Business Website

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the method of enhancing the visibility of a business website or page in the unpaid results of the search engine. This is also known as the natural or organic result. The higher your business placement will be in the search engine, the more frequently it will be visited by people. This will, of course, bring in more and more traffic and enhance your sale and brand name.

SEO is a fast developing process. In order to keep pace with the current trends, here is a guide for the definitive checklist your SEO must have:-

25 SEO Checklist for your Business Website


Basic SEO Technique:


#1 Ensure your website title tags are not more than 65 characters in length

#2 Check that your website meta description is not more than 160 characters long

#3 Include your primary keyword in the URL of your page

#4 Proper keyword planning to start from low density gradually rising to high

#5 Use of synonyms for your keyword research that is highly inspired

#6 Give the ALT tag and filename for all your images. Search engine identifies images by the ALT tags and filename

#7 Internal linked pages are described in the anchor text to make it SEO friendly.


SEO – Website Content Technique:


#8 Ensure uniqueness with zero duplication of another site

#9 Look for the anchor text used by your competitors to ensure best and unique content

#10 Ensure a minimum healthy quantity of content for your SEO which can never be less than 100 words

#11 Regular Post on your Website Blog

#12 Integrate the Lastest Industry News Section on the Website

#13 Use Google Keyword Planner



SEO – Webmaster Tools:


#14 Register site with Google Web Master Tool

#15 Register site with Bing Web Master Tool

#16 Install the Google Analytics Code

#17 Register your Business with Google Business and Bing Local Business


SEO – Website Performance:


#18 Check 404 OR 500 Error free content through Google Search Console

#19 Make sure you are using absolute URLs and not any relative ones

#20 Check the speed of your site

#21 Ensure that your site is mobile friendly and works with ample speed in multiple browsers

#22 Setup the Sitemap

#23 Setup 301 redirects


SEO – Reputation Management Technique:


#22 Set up social media accounts on FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

#23 Set up social media content with the same focus keywords

#24 Set up company page in FaceBook, LinkedIn and Google+

#25 Use SEO Audit Tools and make sure everything work well


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