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Today, we are discussing creative website design concept for the Law Firm.  We are getting 2-3 leads per week for Attorney website design or Law firm website design; so now we are thinking to explain the important element for their website. We have delivered 100+ website design and development work to the reputed law firms in the USA. Our Creative Strategic Law Firm Website Design approach gives 100% ROI for our clients.

Today we are discussing Criminal Lawyer or Criminal Attorney website design.

As a Creative Branding Agency, we have few questions for you before starting the discussion on creative criminal lawyer website design concept.

  • Does your Law Firm website reflect your brand identity to your targeted audience?
  • Are you getting found locally on major search engines e.g. Google, Bing or Yahoo
  • Does your website give you a good return on your investment (ROI)?
  • Is your website responsive or mobile friendly?

Why do we ask the above questions?

We know that the majority of the website design companies or agencies don’t include digital branding and local marketing / digital marketing practices when they are creating a website design. You should be aware of it in order to get benefits over the time.

Let’s discuss the creative website design concept for Criminal Law Firm:

What is the objective of the Criminal Law Firm?

Why Criminal Law Firm need a Creative Website Design?

The objective of the Criminal Law Firm:

As per our discussion and research, the common objective is Lead Generation and Brand Awareness. So now how to define a lead generation mechanism for your law firm website? and how to spread your brand awareness?

For both the question, you should first define your website information architecture which will give your all the questions’ answers.

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The Creative Website Design for Criminal Law Firm:

  • Increase in Quality Traffic
  • Establish a unique Brand in competitive market
  • Getting a good Leads
  • Establish effective Social Media Platform

Let me explain,

#1 Creative Website Header

For better brand visibility, we plan to make a creative header, which includes Logo (your brand identity), Call to Action, Social Media buttons, and Website Menu.

#2 Creative Website Banner

For better user experience, we plan to make service banner with a quick call to action form. The strategic idea is user can get your service information on very first page.


#3 About Us section with the quick service information

For getting user trust, We decide to implement “About Us” section with the service listing. As per our strategy, it will also help in SEO process.

#4 Combine Testimonial with Creative Blog or News Section

It’s our content strategy part and user engagement.

#5 Creative Website Footer

We plan to define call to action with the law firm address. It also gives you a benefit in local SEO activity.

I hope you have found everything about the law firm website design. If you need any assistance then feel free to contact us anytime.

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